Basement Sate

London , Soho


Anew cocktail and dessert bar in Soho

Situated in the heart of Soho on Broadwick Street, Basement Sate is London's first late night drinking and dessert destination. Whether finishing an evening after dinner, or specifically visiting for cocktails and something sweet, Basement Sate will satisfy your cravings. The 120 capacity basement bar’s interiors are polished and tasteful. The design has combined raw brickwork with rich furnishings, lending a sleek yet intimate feel to the venue. With dark wood panelled snugs, low lighting, copper topped tables, green leather seating and furniture designed by Fleming and Howland, the overall atmosphere is reminiscent of a lovingly-designed living room. Basement Sate will serve an impeccable selection of desserts from its open kitchen, priced from £8-£13 and available until 12am. The menu has been created by Dorian Picard, a Pastry Chef previously at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze and the Club Gascon with Pascal Aussignac. Inspired by the cocktail menu, Dorian has matched the desserts to the tasting notes of the cocktails, bringing out subtle undertones and complementary flavours. Designed by Byly Tran (L’Entree Des Artistes & Prescription Cocktail Club), the 12 strong cocktail list at Basement Sate is made up of inventive house creations, twists on classics and a range of carefully selected quality spirits. Sophisticated without being overcomplicated, many of the signature cocktails, like the Brandy Crusta let the boutique premium spirits do the talking. With a Martin Audio sound system (Ministry Of Sound & Fabric), and residencies from London and Paris’s hottest DJs, Basement Sate’s music policy is a main focus, a genuine haven for true music lovers who are looking for diverse sounds away from the mainstream.

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