Bar Elba

London , Waterloo


Covered rooftop bar in Waterloo, serving up cocktails, food and heaps of party.

NAPOLEON’S EXILE IN PARADISE IT AIN’T THAT BAD Drunk on power, Napoleon almost achieved his goal of European domination, but he got himself exiled to the Mediterranean island of Elba. He took 600 of his closest mates and his favourite horse, Marengo, with him. He stayed for 300 days. Party. Island.


Rooftop Terrace
Free Wi-Fi
Dance Floor
Background Music
Music / Vibes
Charging points
Comfy seating
Scenic views
Food available
Drinking water

Covid Policy

  • Hand sanitising stations throughout the venue
  • You do not have to wear a face mask to enter the venue
  • Reduced Capacity
  • A digital menu at your table, and a means for ordering and paying
  • Booking in advance is always recommended

Additional Info

Are you completely outside?

Bar!Elba!is!completely!covered!for!the!winter!period with!extra!heaters!to!keep!you!cosy,!when! summer!rolls!around!we!take!our!cover!down!to!bask!in!the!sun!!

What music do you play?

We don't play any music, the atmosphere is buzzing enough!

How big is the venue?

400 person capacity

Do you have to book?

No, but it is recommended!

What is the guestlist?

Guest-list gives you priority access to the venue, but does not guarantee you a table?

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