Blame Gloria

London , Covent Garden


A rabbit warren of wonder, a labyrinth of delight

A rabbit warren of wonder, a labyrinth of delight, this subterranean Cocktail Den thrills with its architectural delights, food and drinks from above and service that will make you smile. Once a wine cellar of such repute, Dukes were murdered to gain access, this bar now calls upon the spirit of those heady days and treats them to the service and food & drink of champions, albeit in a slightly more casual manner and with significantly less slaying. With tunes that will make you forget yourself and an atmosphere often as electric as a tasered eel, this A-masement bar is a destination any day of the week for the daytime city dwellers. Evenings that start with casual after work drinks and eats, are known to often descend into dancing on tables


Free Wi-Fi
Dance Floor
Background Music
Music / Vibes
Charging points
Comfy seating
Drinking water
Free tea/coffee
Food available

Covid Precautions

  • Disposable condiments or cleaning of non-disposable containers after each use
  • No longer any cash payments to be taken to reduce contact.
  • Bookings staggered to avoid steps of queues
  • Lowering of venue capacity moving to table only service r

Additional Info

What music do you play?

We play a complete mix of old school and current hits, songs from all different eras and Genres

How big is the venue?

We have a maximum capacity of 250 people

Can I book for 2 people on the weekend?

The minimum booking size is 4 people Thursday-Saturday

Do you have to book a table?

We always recommend booking a table to guarantee entry. If we are not at capacity when you arrive you will be able to come in and have a drink subject to ID and bag checks

What does guestlist get me?

Guest-list gives you and your guests priority entry only and does not guarantee entry if we are at capacity when you arrive. We operate a one in one out policy when we are at capacity. You do not need to provide a list of names, your guests can quote the lead bookers name on arrival. Guest list does not entitle you to a table/area

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